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On vacation in the Pyrenees

If you are looking for my publications maybe you should look at my official page.

Welcome to my wiki site. I started it in March 2008, well past the wiki hype, and also quite later than my fried Iván started to use wikis in his courses. Mostly, my interest at this moment is to play with MediaWiki software and see if I can use it in my lectures or my research. So, don't expect to find very interesting contents around here in quite a while. If that ever happens, I'll change the front page.

For starting putting content here I remembered that all my friends and colleagues tell me that I don't look like the picture in my official page. Sure, it must be from around 1996. Now I've got somewhat less hair than I did then. OK, here's a new one, from summer 2006 (I'm the one in the left, the other one is hairy!).

You may look around the rest of the pages, and if you want to comment you may login and edit the pages or the discussions!

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