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GLUE!-PS: a service to deploy from multiple learning designs to multiple learning environments

Name of the tool: GLUE! Pedagogical Scripting (GLUE!-PS)

Website: (not yet available)

Brief description: GLUE!-PS is a service-based architecture with the purpose of deploying learning designs, expressed in multiple languages (e.g. IMS-LD, LDL, ...) into multiple learning environments for their execution, such as VLEs/LMSs (Moodle, Blackboard, LAMS, ...). It is based on a series of adapters for different LD languages and VLE concepts, through a central, common data format (a sort of lingua franca). A simple architecture can be seen below:


Being part of the Group Learning Unified Environment (GLUE!), GLUE!-PS not only supports deploying learning designs into LMSs/VLEs, but also allows for the deployment of activities that integrate these VLEs with external web 2.0 tools like GoogleDocs, Wookie Widgets and a long etcetera.

GLUE!-PS prototype currently supports only IMS-LD as an LD language, and Moodle and MediaWiki as VLEs, although other adaptors are also being developed. Runtime management/modifications of learning activities with GLUE!-PS is also planned in the roadmap.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0C_AVMQ51Q8

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About/contact: Luis P. Prieto (lprisan at gsic.uva.es)

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